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  • Color015
    Fall color in SE Wisconsin, 2006


  • Mt. Huron Summit
    I began climbing in my 55th year. Since January 2003 I have stood on top of 23 mountains ranging in altitude from 12,000 to 20,000 feet, from Kenya to Peru, in Colorado and Arizona. The air up high is pure and cold, but thin. The views are far and wide. Going high is hard, but the rewards - physical, emotional, spiritual - are as immense as the skies are expansive.

Children of War

  • Sc009
    Even though a peace agreement has finally been reached between the Sudan government in the north, and the rebel movement in the south, the children of southern Sudan have known nothing but war. They live in a world without education, health care or clean water. Yet they are like children everywhere, insatiably curious and incorrigibly hopefull.

Mt. Kenya 2003

  • Mk032 - Our Team
    January 2003, the 55th year of my life. The first mountain I ever climbed, to Pt. Lenana, 16, 355 feet. Two years after my wife's death from cancer, Mt. Kenya gave me an unparalleled sense of the mystery and majesty of God the Creator. I experienced a deep awareness of personal mourning and loss, and was given a profound gift of grace. I have not stopped climbing. Mt. Kenya, like all things Africa, joins together the human experiences of extreme hardship and untrammeled beauty.

Koma & Ganza

  • Kg007
    In December 2002 a mission team from our church came across two tribes, living together in the hills of Southern Blue Nile in Sudan. They are called the Koma and the Ganza peoples, they fled the civil war in the south, and are just now starting to return and interact with others living in settled villages. We returned to visit one of their villages in December 2004.

Flying to Sudan

  • Dsc_1395
    Southern Sudan is not your average tourist destination. The land is full of rugged beauty; the people are full of generous hospitality; tea is hot and black and sweet; stars in the night sky belie description.